“I can't thank you enough for all of your reassurance and everything you taught me yesterday! I feel much more confident in breast-feeding and his latching. It's so much more enjoyable already and I'm not in nearly the pain I was in yesterday. I haven't had to use the pump since around 4 this morning!

Your methods and teaching were perfect for us and we are so grateful because now I get the pleasure of keeping him only on the breast as long as I choose and not have him on the bottle because of pain or issues with latching.”

 – Francis S., Durham


“So few times in life you run across someone who does exactly what they say they’re going to do and it’s even more rare to meet someone who not only meets your expectations but exceeds them – on a daily basis. Thank you so very much for your love and patience with my children and with me.

As I write this, I’m thinking of how you just fit in with us and how special and wonderful it was to have you as part of our family. Then I remember the glowing recommendations from the two ladies I called on reference for you and I realize you have probably made a great impact on all the families you’ve helped – and I’m even more impressed.”

 – Elaine H., Raleigh


There’s nothing quite so important to a new mother as a strong support team, and Susan is a necessary addition. Not only did she reassure me that I wasn’t completely ruining my brand new daughter by feeding her too much, not feeding her enough or not feeding her the right way – all the wonderful little fears that go through your brain at 2 a.m. – but she understood the emotionally charged nature of breastfeeding. Struggling with this most “natural” of tasks does not make you a failure as a mother, and Susan reminds you to be gentle with yourself at a time when you need it most.”

Beth N., Durham



“In August 2001 I delivered a baby girl. I had trouble in 2000 nursing my first baby. I wanted to be more relaxed and confident so that I could create an amazing experience for myself and my newborn. I had a c-section and my milk came in on day five. My baby had been nursing constantly and we were syringe feeding her formula. You can imagine my milk production when it did come in. I was overproducing and battling the excruciating pain of sore and scabbed nipples. A friend gave me Susan's phone number. She came to my rescue one evening and changed my entire world with my new baby. She gave me tips and hands on instruction with proper positioning of the baby's tongue. It instantly felt better. Since my baby was gulping ferociously with the huge amount of milk, she also suggested nursing positions that were comfortable for me with my c-section and the baby with the supply. Susan was an angel. I felt at ease with her presence and abilities as I had a true expert on nursing helping me. I am forever grateful for Susan and her amazing gift. Her tips and experience allowed me to be an expert with my third! I recommend, celebrate and love her.”

Nicole, Durham


“I give my highest recommendation for Susan O'Hara-Brill.  She is smart, compassionate, caring, insightful, energetic, willing, and fun to be around.

I had a postpartum depression, and Susan was able to step in wherever she was needed as a postpartum doula for me and my first child.  She cheered up the whole house and was so helpful.

My first child had colic. He literally screamed all the time, and Susan was always kind, gentle, patient, and helpful with him.

She never gave up. Susan was the one who urged me to get a third and fourth opinion when the doctors didn't listen.  Because of Susan's intervention, we discovered that he had underdeveloped kidneys that were infected.  She may well have saved his life.  She attended the delivery of my second child and helped me to establish successful breastfeeding.  She is an amazing woman, and you would be very fortunate to have her help.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask for my contact information, and I would be happy to answer any questions.”

Elizabeth M., Chapel Hill